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What is a gel pen and ball pen? Where is the difference between them?

What is a gel pen? The gel ink contains a kind mont blanc pen of organic solvent. Its viscosity is lower than that of oily pen ink. Compared with water-based pen ink, when ink is written, the ink passes through the nib and is transferred from the semi-solid state to the liquid ink. Besides conventional color, blue, Red, there mont blanc ballpoint pens are differences in the thickness of the tip, the main specifications are: 0.7mm, 0.5mm, 0.38mm, gel ink maximum advantage is that every drop of ink are used in the nib, will not be volatile, leaking such What happens is a ballpoint pen? Atomic pens can be divided into oily and neutral: the characteristics of oily mont blanc pens for sale atomic pen ink is high viscosity ink, water-based, but more oil; neutral ink pen ink viscosity moderate, less oil, writing fluently, water and light resistance than Oil-based atomic pen ink good. What is a water-based pen? Water-based pen's main solvent is water, common water-based pen ballpoint pen, pen, plastic, brush and highlighter pen, water-based pen tasteless oil pen, pen tip is not easy to dry, the handwriting is light but not water mont blanc pen resistant, encounter water will render open Come, accidentally fell over it is easy to get out of water.

What is an oily pen? A wide range of applications, can be written in the glass or any object, do not fade, do not fall off. Generalized oily pen and subdivided into marker (box pen), paint pen, whiteboard pen. The whiteboard pen can be wiped off, but the marker and paint pen can not (need special thinner to wipe off).