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What are the benefits of using a pen?

In an era when there is not much writing here, sitting down and writing with a pen is a very small minority in itself. And, if you are still using the pen to write, you must know what brand of pen is what brand, its history, its story. And when to use it with what ink, what paper. In such a situation, the force is even higher. 2, can write a good word I do not agree with a pen to write a good word is a psychological factor. In fact, commonly known as fountain pen fountain pen mont blanc pens for sale has two major branches, one is the iridium pen, one is the gold pen. As the name suggests is the pen tip material is different. Gold pen in accordance with different gold content and 12k, 14k, 18k and so on. If you have ever used gold pen, you can feel that kind of pen tip is slippery, soft and mont blanc pen slightly dampened. Nibs across the paper, just like touching silk. As you force the size of different handwriting thickness will change. However, if you use a gel pen, the tip of the pen will be hard. No matter how hard you are, the pen will not change. Maybe you just use a pen, replaced by a gel pen to write almost the same word. But if you continue to use your gel pen for a while to look at your writing, you will find that your character is not as good as a pen. 3, increase the sense of ritual ceremony when writing, is to make you think you are doing a very sacred thing. If at this time you want to sign a single bill of several million, pulled out from his pocket a piece of five gel pen, apparently inappropriate. If at this time you want to write a letter to a girlfriend in a foreign country, pulled out from his pocket a piece of five gel pen, apparently inappropriate. ... This sense of ritual comes from the history of the pen and its own value.

4, advertised identity outside the necessary advertised performance, it is no longer to use, but to show off. Therefore, as a literary youth, those who engage in writing work can flaunt their identity without a handy tool. 5, represents a way of life There are many things, with mont blanc starwalker fewer people, but still exists. Most of them represent a way of life and attitude to life. Their users also become a particular group because of their use. This includes a pen. mont blanc fountain pen 6, fun man is a child for life, a lifetime looking for their own toys. Whether watch camera or car computer. Different children play different toys. The same is true for pens. For many people, after the pen reaches the hand, soak up the water, disassemble it, attach it to Sheung Shui, try to write, clean it and save it. From this perspective, the pen is more of a toy's property than a tool's property.