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What are some of the benefits of using a pen?

Pen as a word writing instrument, with small size, easy to carry, writing convenient, mont blanc starwalker durable, easy to write out the words fade mont blanc pens discount and so on;

From an aesthetic point of view, the fountain pen's line expression and mont blanc pens discount artistic appeal are not as rich as brush calligraphy, but far more than pencil, ballpoint pen and other hard pen, because the fountain pen tip flexible, write the same stroke thickness, The distinction between severity. A beautiful pen words, the same can give the United States to enjoy. Especially in recent years, with the popularization and improvement of the teaching of pen words, the majority of pen calligraphers and enthusiasts have made useful explorations on pen writing, structure, law and book style in teaching and writing practice. Attempt to create a lot of good Kai, line, grass, Li, Zhuanlang five-character pen calligraphy works. These works have the beauty of form, expression, charm, mood and momentum, forming a rigorous structure with echoes of strokes, opening of bones, connecting the wonderful muscles and enhancing the appeal of the art of pen calligraphy. It has been widely praised by the society for making pen characters By the simple practical type to the art form a big step forward.

Five advantages of using pen words

1, practice writing can improve personal qualities, people think you have cultural connotation.

2, practicing self-cultivation, hone your will.

3, Word helps you in the post by people of all ages.

4, practice writing can enhance people's aesthetic.

5, practice good words will make you slowly know, benefit life.

The benefits are obvious. Although computers are much more used now, the treasures of the motherland can not be lost. Not only practice pen words, other words practice is not bad. There are three advantages: First, practice patience, practicing perseverance, perseverance. Writing is not easy, it is not easy to train well. We are practicing in recent days. Can sit down, drill into, are promising little kid. With patience and perseverance, what to do? Second, the word as people have several layers of meaning this sentence: If the word is well written, people generally think that this person is also a lot of learning. The word is well written, life is also less than where cheap mont blanc pens to go. Well-written word, this is at least one of the advantages of it, where used more. I heard that there are places to write and study results linked. With these, writing should be motivated!