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Tips you never knew about pen maintenance tips

Pen maintenance tips

1. The correct use of pen: gold pen tip to use positive writing, iridium pen tip write a long time will be thick, you can write on both sides. ink should be fixed brand, change to another ink, it should be cleaned and then inhalation. skin often have to keep the ink inside, do not make the air increase, which led to the water too fast or leaking.

2. Write the words to handpick the cap. This will protect the nib, will not affect the writing dry ink, if the pen falls, the pen cap can well protect the nib. Someone who introduced the experience that the best time to write pen cap at the end of the pen. In this way, if the pen falls off, the pen is heavier, the tip of the pen will not land first, and it is also a way to protect the pen tip. (Metal shell pen best not to buckle, easy to wear shell coating).

3 pen poor solution cheap mont blanc pens with warm water bubble pen head, and other water cool, solidified mont blanc pens for sale in the writing ink is also opened, then wash the pen, you can wash clean. first wash with water and then use detergent bubble water pumping back and forth, then wash with water, it will be very smooth. written if there is no physical damage, then the ink should be the dregs of the pipe plug, open rinse clean.

4. The best use of ink use the same brand of ink. Good mont blanc ink does not damage your pen. Every time you do not have to suck up too much ink, some pens will have too much water when the water is full. Do not use different ink mixed together, so the most hurt pen. Note: Do not use ink as ink! Because there is glue in the ink!

5. After using a period of time, should be cleaned. Disassemble cheap mont blanc pens the pen and immerse the blotter and pen (ie, the portion that connects the blotter and pen tip) into warm water overnight. Plug in the water sucker, soak the pen tip in warm water, then hold the middle of the sucker by hand and lift the ink sucker until it is clear, then dry it with a soft cloth. If the cleaning is invalid, you can try alcohol, but be careful, otherwise it will welcome the new feel!

6. Do not greedy pen tip writing If you like the fine stroke of the word, then buy only a thin pen. Do not write down the pen nib. A lot of people figure write down, I have done so. The result: anti-write pen nibbling canon, the writing is very uncomfortable, the nib will be more and more rough, poor quality of the pen will crack.

7. Others When writing, some paper should be padded paper to enhance the flexibility of the nib to reduce friction. Nib Do not write on hard materials such as metal to prevent damage to the nib. The pen should be cleaned once a month or so to keep the ink flowing smoothly. If the pen is not used for a long time, it should be washed and saved.