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There are several types of gel pens

What are the classification of gel pens? Not gel pen industry basically do not know many different styles, the material on the refill can be divided into two types of oil-based gel pen and water-based gel pen.

Oil-based gel pen can be called a ball-point pen. The ball-point pen used in ballots made of hard alloy materials, ball diameter 1mm, 0.7mm, 0.5mm three. Ballpoint ink is based on the pigment, solvent and adhesive mixing. Ballpoint pen refill color mainly black, blue and red 3 kinds of choices. Ordinary ink is generally used to write, special ink used for writing files. The first generation of ball-point pen now has 70 years of history, to the present production technology has become increasingly sophisticated.

Water-based gel pen can be called a ball-point pen or ball-point pen. Pen pens montblanc meisterstuck pen pens plastic injection molding called plastic pens; pens made of stainless steel stamping mill made of cheap mont blanc pens semi-steel ball pens; pen, pens all made of stainless steel steel ball-point pen. The whole plastic type is mont blanc pens basically a one-time use, that is, the ink runs out of scrap; semi-steel and all-steel type can be replaced with a refill structure. Ballpoint pen tip is divided into bullet and needle-shaped two, respectively, using copper alloy, stainless steel or mont blanc plastic. Balls are mostly made of stainless steel, cemented carbide or alumina and other materials, pen diameter is 0.5mm and 0.7mm. Water storage in the form of sub-fiber bundle storage and non-fiber bundle water storage two. Ink colors are red, blue, black, green and other options. Baozhu both pen and oily ballpoint pen features writing lubrication smooth, uniform lines, is an ideal writing tool.