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The more expensive stationery is good stationery it?

The more expensive stationery is good stationery it? the answer is negative. In recent years, with the development of student stationery, more and more personalized stationery, creative stationery market. Visiting the market, we can easily see that many design novel, looks unique unique stationery by students of all ages. These beautiful stationery naturally expensive. The more unique product modeling, the more personality, the more expensive the price of the product. In fact, we all understand that stationery products as a learning stationery, to meet the needs of the product is enough. However, market competition intensifies, so that many stationery manufacturers continue to make an issue in the product body, so a variety of gimmicky stationery after another. Students stationery trends toward the toy is also evident in the next few years, student stationery, "tricks" renovation will only be more and more. In addition to product modeling design "add" stationery products become more expensive, some imported stationery is the highest bidder, overseas brands to stationery consumers have more choices, so some brand advocates hedge against brand consumption. However, under mont blanc pens the brand title of stationery products are not necessarily the price is "pure", in addition to the brand effect, import customs fees, overseas manufacturing costs and other costly flat to product prices, making the product prices all the way higher.

As can be seen from recent cheap mont blanc pens trends, creative stationery with unique shapes and individual colors gradually occupy the traditional stationery market. Although prices are generally high, they are still sought after by many primary and secondary school students. In the school stationery sales season, all mont blanc pens discount kinds of novelty creative stationery in short supply, sell a lot better than traditional stationery. Improve the quality of life, making people have a higher product, a better pursuit, so ignoring the high prices of stationery is irrational, but blindly believe that high stationery is a good idea of ??stationery is not desirable, the ability of rational consumption Choose the mont blanc pens for sale most suitable stationery.