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Simple pen maintenance method

?After the general pen to the water can be used normally, do not need to be as someone else said to take the blisters of the new pen. Of course, sometimes there will be no water or encounter situations pen nib dry, this time a little treatment is necessary of.

Generally need to be cleaned is to buy back after the poor ink pen, because some of the pen at the factory inspection pen or pen at the counter after the test ink is not clean, a long time the composition of the ink condensation, clogged pen tip Ink tank, it will lead to poor water.

This situation requires to remove the tip, into the warm water (avoid water) to soak for half an hour, then dry, installed generally can be used normally. If you still can not, you can extend the soaking time. In the worst case it is necessary to remove the sheet metal tip, and then washing the ink introduction groove and the entire back surface of the capillary structure pen tongue with a small brush (plastic pen tip portion is above those slits).

Irrational water may also be the cause of the tip itself: one is the tip of the tip pen stitch is too narrow, this time according to the usual pen writing position when the pen tip slightly harder, hold for one to two seconds, or thin expanding slit blade pen, but must be careful; second ink introduction groove is too narrow, this time need ink introduction groove is enlarged with a thin blade, the same caution! When writing, should mont blanc fountain pen some of the mont blanc underlying paper manuscript in order to enhance the flexibility of the tip, to reduce friction. Nib Do not write on hard materials such as metal to prevent damage to mont blanc fountain pen the nib.

It should say something, there is a condition known as "calligraphy pen" elbow pen with writing stroke thickness changes in the larger features. In use, the pen down some strokes on rough, slightly larger write word; pen to put up some strokes on the fine, can write smaller words. Expressiveness of this pen is stronger than a normal pen, writing envelopes used to a larger font. However, writing with this pen has a certain degree of difficulty, beginners should not use it to practice.

Avoid daily use different ink mix to avoid clogging precipitation pen.

Pens should be cleaned once a month or so, to keep the ink flowing smoothly, such as the use of carbon ink should be more cleaning. If the pen is not used for a long time, it should be washed and saved. Usually the cleaning time can be repeated until the discharged water drainage absorbent clean dry. If you take a long time to clean or intend to wash the pen sealed, you need to separate the parts were cleaned separately.

After the initial disassembly is divided into five parts: nib, converter (on the ink / ink bag), holding pen, cap, pen. The latter two generally do not have to be cleaned. The metal part of the tip and the pen (ink structure) should be further disassembled, the tip of the metal sheet rinsed with water, and the entire ink structure can be used to carefully brush the old toothbrush, and then soaked in warm water for a night. Dry all parts after cleaning, so that they are completely dry and ready for storage.

Of course, different structures of different pens, the pen may not all open, it is difficult to split the pen, the first method can only be cleaned, and not forcibly detached damage pen.

Finally, there is a little special attention: Do not clean mont blanc pens for sale the pen with water or hot water, or would harm the pen!