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Pen writing human civilization

Also as a writing instrument for human inventions, the history of pens is far less of a concern than the history of paper. Indeed, the pen is a relatively simple and easy-to-use tool, unlike the paper that has given people so puzzling distress, but also to civilization so important breakthroughs. However, in the writing history of thousands of years of mankind, pen always accompany people, and even became a beloved friend of many people, also has its own moving evolution history mont blanc pens for sale ...... The ancient Egyptians grew by the Nile Papyrus When paper is used, the writing instrument is made of papyrus stems, which cut the stems obliquely off the pen, dipped in ink written with mineral pigments and water. But papyrus grass, in fact, is a tall herb, its stem is also very thick, like a bamboo tube, the pen grip certainly not feel comfortable, so later the Egyptians switch to Pen reed pipe made. The Egyptians collected the reed pipes in the reeds and then buried the reed pipes in the dung. After a few months, the reed pipes were dug out, dried, hardened and sharpened at one end to become A dip pen. This kind of reed pen, which later spread to Greece and to Europe and some eastern countries, has been used for thousands of years in this vast area and is the longest record of human use. Reed pen is not only easy to wear the shortcomings of too brittle too hard, easy to scratch the used to write papyrus or parchment, but it also appears to be stupid and unsightly, especially when the graceful lady and lady holding this dung Heap in the system made of crude, but also make people feel uncoordinated. In Dou Ding's book, "From Reed Pen to Feather Pen," a story about such a story. It is said that one day in the 6th century AD, this uncoordinated feeling strongly stimulated Miss Minossa of the Netherlands. The lady wants to write a love letter to her Prince Charming, pick up the reed pen has hesitated, can I use this to express the most beautiful heart feelings? While the lady hesitated, a goose was piled down the window, proud of her head and neck, quacking, fluttering her wings, dropping a tube of feather and angrily away. White goose tube, a symbol of pure goose tube! Miss Minosa swiftly picked up the goose-feather and wrote a love letter to her beloved lover with a gooseneck. The inspiration for Miss Minosa has given Westerners a new writing instrument - a quill.

Many large birds feathers are suitable for use as a pen, as long as enough hard enough (usually take the longest wings on the few). The most common is goose feather, perhaps this is why the feather pen is usually called a quill. Feather pen in Europe and in many parts of the world popular for Western cheap mont blanc pens culture service for almost 1000 years, people use this pen to write countless world classics and science books.

Once the feather pen has been used for a long time, the nib will be worn bare, inconvenient for long-term use, so people once again seek new writing tools. In the 1750s, the first dipped pens appeared on the French market, replacing feather pens, which had been used for almost a thousand years. Because of its pen tip made of steel, so called "pen."

Although the metal dip pen than the reed pen, feather pen has improved a lot, but there is a fatal weakness, that is, people must always carry ink bottles, but also continue to write dipped, dipped in writing and writing, it is troublesome.

Later, people started trying to fill the pen with metal dip pen ink, so that ink gradually from the pen to the pen tip, which will solve the often dipped in ink. However, since there is no control of ink on the pen, ink is always flooded when people are writing, and the ink is always dripped on the paper. With the discovery and utilization of rubber, people also put a pen for the capsule, but the problem of pen leakage is still not completely solved.

In 1884, there was a man in the United States called Waterman, who was a member mont blanc pens for sale of an insurance company. Once, he and a customer signed a contract, which is a huge amount of business. But when the customer signed the capsule with a hand delivered by him to Waterman, the contract was tainted by a leaking pen. When Waterman went in for a new contract, a competitor actually took the opportunity to sign a contract with the customer and took the huge business. Waterman was very depressed, he determined to design, create a leaky ink, can automatically control the ink, use and convenient pen.

After continuous research and observation, he found that the key is the relationship between ink circulation and air. He first placed in the pen pouch with a very thin hollow tube, so that the automatic flow of ink drip bit by bit. Then he added a small pen to the pen tip as an auxiliary device to make the little pen mont blanc fountain pen look like a small reservoir that intercepts and stores excess ink so that the ink flowing down continues to feed the pen tip.

Waterman's pens reached all aspects of the more ideal requirements. Once published, this pen has swept the world with an amazing number of millions of annual sales. That is, the pen we are using now, and its working principle and basic structure are basically similar to the fountain pen invented by Waterman.