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Pen selection tips how to identify the pen good and bad

Pen: from the pen nib, pen tongue, pen, pen cap and ink storage tube and other components. Usually divided into gold tip gold pen, iridium tip of the iridium pen and neither the gold nor the grain in general three pen.

(1) gold pen: made of gold and silver or steel alloy, gold pen tip has good elasticity and corrosion resistance, with gold pen writing, feel comfortable, pen front expressive, but the price is more expensive.

(2) Iridium pen: Iridium pen tip welding pen, second in gold pen.

(3) ordinary pen: nib without gold and no iridium grain pen. This pen is easy to wear, poor elasticity, it is rarely seen on the market. How to choose pens: One is to see if the nib is positive and long. The second is to try writing or drawing a circle on the paper with a nib. To read and write is fluent, feel comfortable, the water is uniform, writing lines are symmetrical.

After nearly a decade of trial use, we think that the pen used for writing is preferably a pen with a pointed tip. The advantage of this pen is that the writing lines are stable and that the ink is not easily volatilized. Students are advised to prepare two steel and the best, the purpose of these two pens are used to write and store fountain pen water. The pen used to store pen water is the best pen.

Pen purchase

Pens to be selected depends on whether the pen is smooth and smooth, which can pass the pen test, the upcoming new pen dipped in ink on the paper to write some strokes and the Arabian digital ditch ", such as the pen does not pull paper, water evenly, then the nib is smooth, Smooth, in line with the requirements of use. Pen nib thickness points, the word should be used pen slightly thick pen. If you need a smaller pen-shaped characters, you can pick pen pen marked "extra fine" writing pen .

Pen buying tips


Although there are many gorgeous pens on the market

- But what we want is practice! (And generally too fancy pen actually work inside are bad) compared to the appearance of the pen, more depends on the internal workmanship. (In fact, as long as it is not too ugly no difference)

Ink tube

Generally divided into the traditional squeeze-type extraction and the current type of extraction. Taking into account the use of children, in general, or choose to facilitate the promotion of mont blanc pen removable ink tube.


Buy a pen, we can see - in addition to appearance, unscrew the ink tube, there is only a pen nib. Nibs are good or bad, no experience of people may be hard to see. A simple way is to look at the pen tip is fine, smooth look polished. In general, workmanship tip is usually better, not prone mont blanc pen to write ink situation.

Parts can be replaced

Mainly refers to the tip - after all, the pen of this kind of thing, throw it, the tip is likely mont blanc pens for sale to be scrapped. The children practicing words, what is the normal fall, however. Although most of the pen nibs are replaceable (online also sell pen nibs). But really pen mont blanc pens nib is a fixed pen.


- Familiar say: Practice makes perfect.

Buying things is also a reason - you buy it naturally understood, will buy.

Pen maintenance

Pens should pay attention to maintenance. When writing, some paper should be under the paper to enhance the flexibility of the nib to reduce friction. Nib Do not write on hard materials such as metal to prevent damage to the nib. The pen should be cleaned once a month or so to keep the ink flowing smoothly. If the pen is not used for a long time, it should be washed and saved.

Need to talk about here, there is a pencil pen "hard pen calligraphy," the words elbow pen, pen and writing stroke with a larger thickness change characteristics. When used, the pen down a little strokes crude, you can write slightly larger words; pen up some, strokes thin, can write a smaller word. This pen is more expressive than ordinary pen, commonly used to write envelopes and other larger fonts. However, writing with this pen has a certain degree of difficulty, beginners should not use it to practice. Maintenance: a better use of some ink, can not use different types of ink, use for some time, should be cleaned.

Disassemble the pen and immerse the blotter and pen (ie, the portion that connects the blotter and pen tip) into warm water overnight. Plug in the ink absorber, immerse the tip in warm water, then hold the middle of the ink absorber by hand and lift the ink absorber until it is clear. Finally, use a soft cloth to dry.

Just bought back 80 degrees of hot water as the ink into the water absorber, making it soft for future use.