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Pen ink type

Pen is a commonly used writing instrument, invented in the early 19th century. Written from metal, writing smooth and mont blanc pens for sale flexible, very smooth. In the pen at cheap mont blanc pens the mouth or pen tip surface, there are obvious trademark grades, models.

Carbon ink is a relatively early ink, dark color, pen ink using carbon ink writing is relatively poor, easy to plug nib, long-term use will damage the ink system; and non-carbon ink is currently a major recommendation Ink, although the writing color is subdued, but writing fluency, will not clog pen nibs.

In addition, the carbon ink adds a glue substance to ensure a better suspension of the carbon mont blanc pens particles. If you do not add this glue, carbon particles are easy to precipitate, there will be uneven ink color. After the pen inhales the carbon ink, the pen tip is air-dried, the glue is dipped in the pen tip and the black control system, and the pen tip phenomenon is easily clogged. Therefore, the pen needs to be cleaned regularly.

Non-carbon inks are dye-based inks and are completely liquid-dyed. Because the formula is different, so effectively reduce the writing block nibs phenomenon.

According to the pen tip of different materials, the pen can be divided into mont blanc pens three types: 1, the pen: pen nib made of stainless steel, the tip is not iridium tablets; 2, iridium pens: pen nib made of stainless steel, tip welding iridium tablets, And the structure is different, but also can be divided into high-grade iridium pen and ordinary iridium pen; 3, gold pen: pen nib made of alloy, advanced welding with high-grade iridium grain, but also according to different materials and structures, divided into advanced gold pen and ordinary pen. Carbon ink (black ink), blue black ink, pure blue ink and red ink. Are used in the pen.Carbon ink to write out the word is black, blue and black ink is written in blue and black, pure blue is written in pure blue.Red ink written out is red.