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Pen correct use

Pen is now a common writing tools, we can use the pen writing, signing the contract pen, practicing calligraphy pen, pen has become a weapon in the hands of people, we can pick up the pen to write the appearance of good-looking font, connotation Articles, so the pen is a friend of our learning, we have to treat it, will be used for a long time, will be long-term and easy to use, so we have to master the correct use of the pen, and only we have the proper use of methods to master To improve our life on the pen, mont blanc pens for sale in order to economic-oriented direction, in order to achieve our maximum use of resources. So what is the correct way to use the pen?

First, we have to choose a good quality ink, try to use the same kind of ink fixed, if you change the other ink must be completely clean the original ink and then re-use the new ink, the second you need to observe the tip mont blanc ballpoint mont blanc fountain pen pens of the pen , If the metal tip can only write positive, if the other material can be written both positive and negative, the third short term when we should not be covered with a pen pen, the fourth if we do not have a long time, you need to clean the pen, The inside of the ink are squeezed out, and then rinse, then dry. Finally, we should pay special attention to the time of writing, we should pad paper under the writing mont blanc pens discount paper so as not to touch the hard thing to make the pen tip damaged.