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Pen classification introduced

Many people like to collect pens. Because the pen not only has enough old and new brands and styles for collectors to find the choice, and affordable, the world has a huge market, easy to collect, transfer is also very easy to transfer. Now let me introduce to you the type of pen, I hope everyone can see. Gel pen: gel pen containing an organic solvent, the viscosity is lower than the viscosity of oil pen, ink pen thick than water, when writing, the ink through the nib, it will be semi-solid into liquid ink, gel ink maximum The advantage is that every drop of ink is used cheap mont blanc pens in the tip of the pen, will not be volatile, leaking, which can provide silky smooth writing sense, smooth and steady ink flow. Atomic Pens: Atomic Pens can be divided into oily and neutral: oily atomic pen ink is characterized by high viscosity ink, mont blanc pens for sale water-based, but more neutral ink pens ink pen viscosity moderate, less oil, writing fluent, water and light resistance Better than oil pen ink better. Water-based pen: water-based pen is the main solvent mont blanc fountain pen water, common water pen ballpoint pen, pen, plastic, brush and highlighter pen, water-based pen tasteless oil pen, pen tip is not easy to dry, the handwriting is light but not water- Will be rendered open, it is easy to break off accidentally.

Projector pen: Pen is basically an oily pen, a wide range of applications, can be written in the projection film, glass or any object, do not fade, do not fall off, there are many academic institutions or research institutes like to buy pen, because it can be Make a mark on a beaker or tube. Some brands of projection pen can add ink, first half of the ink needs half an hour, the second only 10 minutes later, very convenient. Another manufacturer also provides water-based projector pen, the handwriting can be mont blanc ballpoint pens wiped clean water, leaving no trace for the calculation or demonstration to be performed at the scene of the presentation occasions.