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Pants must have three kinds of dress accessories, you get to it?
Women's shopping list is absolutely indispensable jewelry accessories this type of items, men in the workplace accessories list seems to be dispensable. However, once the man selected for their own accessories, it will make the whole body line of the degree of sophistication greatly improved, so that others impeccable to you.

Jewelry as much as possible mont blanc to streamline some, a ring and a necklace can be, do not put some outdated jewelry brains on the body, this is not to add charm but cumbersome. A male type is not concentrated in the small details, men want to type, just by the back of the neck label is not enough, every little detail have to pay attention to Caixing.

Want to show their own unique taste of the men, or from some small objects child start better, such as cufflinks, tie clip, brooch and so on. To know the woman is the most attentive, your little object children can often cause her attention, do not underestimate.

Cufflinks, the details of the charm of men's jewelry in the most changes than the cufflinks, material from stainless steel to precious metals, inlaid material from enamel to diamonds, modeling from the lawful round, square to narrow version of the animal, style is Variety, brand spirit and personal ingenuity concentrated in the twelve centimeters of the mont blanc sale inch between, so as to play in the whole match with the finishing touch.

Brooch, your taste publicity brooch is the recent men began to gradually use a jewelry, simple suit on the different brooch, immediately have a different feeling, positive bold declaration of their own fashion taste.

montblanc boheme Tie clip, to create your style tie clip is often overlooked forgotten, some people even think that tie clip is not folder is also no problem, but do not tie a tie clip is not a mess is a correct etiquette, the whole person to see It will be more neat and have the spirit. This short three or four centimeters, selected good words can also be a special tool for the performance of personal style.

Clothing with a lot of time will emphasize the role of accessories, the details of the success or mont blanc failure, the importance of accessories. So, good match is often the perfect key to the whole.