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Mobile phone era, mont blanc pens for sale you will miss the imprint of the pen

The beauty of pen words seems to have little to no pen in the last century, and now I would like to find one or two pockets in the street with pens attached to them in the streets, I am afraid it is difficult: First, the pen is bad Leakage, clothes on the miserable; Second, many of the current jacket simply no pocket, the pen into the trousers pocket is not mont blanc pens discount proper. Back half a century, in the pocket pocket pens is a chic thing plug, or insert two, it seems even more so dignified. From the beginning of primary school to the present, I use the bad pen almost twenty, and one of my favorite is the old hero pen, black pencils thick, caught in my hand really have a full feeling. This pen, the market has not seen, even if there will be sold as antiques, the price will never be cheaper.

Pen gave birth to the "pen lettering" occupation

In the era of popular pen, there is a job is to pen engraving. Most people who do this kind of small business have some artist temperament, glasses, tunic, gentle, tools are in your pocket, others will not easy to see. They often haunt the stationery store. Someone just bought a pen and they will meet to ask if they want to type on the pen.

Friends leave to send a pen, carved a few words, can not spend a few money, or fall in love - when the fall in love is not the same as today hungry Tiger prey what to do, but also Sven, first send pen to his girlfriend, All kind of love and then slow down to talk about the money, before sending the pen, just hit the lettering to the pen, it must have also engraved a few, it took a dime or a dime.

The inscriptions are mostly "health", "progress", "transformation of the world outlook," "impartiality," and the like, all of which are useless stereotypes. No one would engrave a pen like "human beings do their own thing, do not kill themselves". However, there are not many people who engraved "Interneonar".

The pen was the most precious present

That year, it is said that the most advanced is carved Russian, he took your pen over, put it in your hands, do not sit, so stand, moment, blow, then moment, then blow moment while moment Well, and then he will take out a little color, the color is placed in a small round box of cool oil box, there are green and red, the color pen in the carved the place where a touch of painting, and then block Cloth wipe, everything is properly done. But what is the meaning of the engraved Russian? neither knows.

To the pen pole lettering, is a different kind of style, is the pursuit of fine beauty, with a little bit of time even mild. The text engraved on the pen, though some stiff, but everyone finds it appropriate.

This pen, if you can find a few to the parties to see, I believe that the past will suddenly pass through time tunnels, all of a sudden come to the front, it is very mont blanc pen sad.

The feelings of the old pen In addition to the pen lettering people, there is a special repair pen booth. All their belongings are also a flat wooden box that can be opened. Once opened, the lid can be lined up with a variety of old pens. You can find him with a nib or with a cap or The pen is stored water fountain broken, to change a new one. Or the cap on the hook was gone, no way to pocket the pocket inserted, ready to be equipped with one here. Of course, this place will certainly be able to give the pen lettering, you can also put a pen open in a box, to a thorough cleaning, clean the pen, the master's hands are also washed blue, but only received a hair money.

Looking forward to the pen in our hands to recover Goethe ink described as "liquid thinking", he was right. Because the pen can help us think deeper, slower action. If you feel that life is still fun, do not lose your pen, it can depict the computer can not simulate the sense of life! Look forward to the pen in our hands recovery!