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Men can play such a play, you know?
This year, the woman's eyes more and more Diao. People say that the love of women, IQ over Einstein, your every detail in her grasp. For dressing, it seems that the fact is that men are born simple and stupid, and women are naturally sensitive. In fact, do not blame the male compatriots, men's clothing single product selection is small, not many styles. One year two shirts, a shorts, a trousers, it is possible to contract your wardrobe 2017, is definitely [accessories] salted fish a big turn of the year. You see some shape is very simple, plus a hard work, you will let everyone shines! The next year, on the three key elements of accessories, Are you ready?

Accessories: Belt

Often forget the importance of the belt, right? Even if you are tall 170cm, wearing 80 cm T-shirt, others also feel that your legs short short! Choose a high pressure of the belt, was high, increase the level of modeling, showing a "carefully crafted" the sense of modification, choose a [not so business] belt is mont blanc sale very important.

Accessories 2: extraordinary men, neck scarves

Uncle control all love scarf, a fine texture, style easy way out of the scarf, more able to lining you stand out. Polo shirt, shirt and knit can be stuffed in the collar, so the details of the absolute 100% suction eye!

Accessories 3: Men's logo, cigarette lighter

This year, the woman's eyes more and more Diao, people say, love the woman, IQ over Einstein, your every detail in her grasp. Smoking men pay attention to, and if the cigarette lighter exquisite, avant-garde, absolutely for you the whole person to bring favored eyes. See what kind of cigarette lighter you use?

Streamlined shape, comfortable feel, design different, the rational use of ergonomic, both soft and smooth lines without losing tough. Curved back, with a natural montblanc meisterstuck streamlined body design, to provide you with a comfortable feel.

A high-end elegant lighters, not enough to change the world, but enough to make people's temperament upgrade, taste upgraded. Thin to 7mm body, light and elegant and easy to use, enough to help you deal with any occasion. Key ring lighter? It all contracted down! Carry, to avoid the embarrassment of the cigarette lighter can not find. Ultra-thin silent arc smoke, so that the action of light to become efficient and safe. Home several kerosene are tired of eating, and finally you can take this thing out of loading. Engraved words can be used to show show loving horse, to the office is also the envy of colleagues that. Cylindrical silver cigarette lighter, exquisite like a slender lady cigarette. Put in the cigarette box is also very suitable, will not let the cigarettes get hurt. Do not say that the circle is indeed higher than the square!

montblanc boheme No fire, and instantly finish the smoke. Such a small "trick" is it not to please the women's votes stuff! Arc lit performance ultra-stable, on the science fiction film-like arc, you can silence instantly smoke.