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Learning stationery definition and classification

Learning stationery is one of the most important branches of stationery, the main user groups are students. Due to the different use of stationery, learning stationery for students of different ages, stationery style is also very different, primary school stationery mont blanc pens for sale and more cartoon stationery mont blanc pens for sale series, these stationery and more printed with cartoon designs, derived from a variety of Japanese and Korean stationery, Fashion stationery, and high school students, college students stationery and more practical, mont blanc fountain pen almost biased office stationery series, and more stationery to concise, practical closer. Today, these stationery market mostly dawn stationery, stationery, pop or stationery brands mainly.

Stationery covers a wide range of learning, in accordance with the characteristics of the stationery itself, can be divided into the following four categories:

1, writing learning stationery. For example: pencils, mechanical pencils, refills, watercolor pens, whiteboard pens, gel pens, ball pens, oily pens, pens, crayons and other writing pens.

2, modified learning stationery. For example: correction tape, correction fluid, eraser and so on.

3, storage type montblanc meisterstuck learning stationery. For example: pencil case, pencil case, folder, book, document bag and so on.

4, tool learning stationery. For example: pencil sharpener, pen planing, liquid glue, solid glue, ruler, compasses, utility knife, scissors, book cover and so on.

Of course, there are still stationery supplies office stationery, gift stationery and other different categories. And learning stationery with the acceleration of replacement, many different styles, students stationery design market. In an array of markets, in which to select suitable stationery products, there are many pick skills to learn.