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Jewelry accessories so take, make you fashionable and comfortable throughout the summer!
Wrapped in a large winter coat and thick sweater, thousands of hope hope finally come to the summer. For most girls, the summer is the most happy, no doubt is to wear the United States and the United States, and Gui honey shopping, travel, self-timer friends. Summer, because the exposed skin more, even if the clothes must also look good accessories, and with the principle is very important, can play the role of the finishing touch, then, small beauty to teach you jewelry accessories How to ride, in order to fashionable mont blanc starwalker and comfortable!

Choose the earrings, temperament up! Up!

One summer, sister paper most of them like to tie up the hair exposed ears, this time a pair of suitable earrings will be able to make you change the fairies! Such a pearl earrings, and then catch this year's fashionable not the shoulder short hair, cute and then temperament! Long hair of the sister paper can choose such an irregular pendant earrings, temperament about the different!

I heard that every fairy should have a chain of chains?

On the choice of their own clothes, I believe we must have a very rich experience, but how to choose a necklace for their own, but not everyone can do it. Carefully dressed face, if accompanied by an inappropriate necklace, will make our image a lot of points, these small recommended, we can make a reference. This chain of clavicle, seemingly simple, but not the lack of design sense, a little small personality, but also highlight the feminine. Diamond elements can be said that the United States is the most beautiful favorite, the following clavicle chain simply set a few small diamonds, to create a lazy with the luxury of luxury, and indeed the most significant temperament jewelry ah!

montblanc pens This year, a word of the fire, walking on the road ten sisters have eight are wearing strapless wear, in order to look different, you have to work on these small accessories, even in the street Zhuangshan, and we also Can throw each other a few streets, Zhuangshan is not terrible, who soil who embarrassed! A simple pearl necklace to match the strapless is not just right, but montblanc boheme sub-low-key, just right!

Summer is coming, the weather is getting hot, even out of business are too lazy to try to dress up, with these single items jewelry, and clothes put up fashionable and comfortable, very suitable for summer! Of course, if you feel that these are not for you, then come to the United States and the diamond tailored to your own jewelry accessories it!