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How to maintain pen?

First, the ink

Pen care is the most important ink of choice. Fountain pen pen and the pen are very sophisticated components, how to make ink and these sophisticated components complement each other is a knowledgeable, any ink has a unique nature, and to maintain pen for the purpose of ink selection, it is recommended to comply with the following principles: Select carbon ink. It is no wonder that carbon ink is a pigment ink, carbon deposition inside, easy to plug the nuances of the ink system, the pen hurt God. If there is no special requirements such as long-term preservation, it is generally not recommended to use carbon ink, if it must be used, it is best to ensure mont blanc pens discount that the pen to write daily, and regular cleaning pen is good. Forces acid or alkaline neutral or alkaline ink. Pen nibs are generally divided into gold tip and iridium tip two types, the former made of gold alloy, the latter made of stainless steel, both nib have platinum group alloys or similar wear-resistant cemented carbide (Note 1), and In addition there are many pens metal material. As learned by secondary chemistry, the metal is easy to be corroded by acidic liquid and maintain the pen. The key is to choose a less corrosive ink, that is, the pH value is about 7 or 7+. The answer above the recommended ink is mostly acidic ink,

Avoid mixing with ink, change the ink must be washed before. Mixed with different chemical liquids prone to precipitation, just as carbon ink, the pen can easily block pen injury, it is not recommended mixed with ink. If you want to change from one ink to another ink, it is recommended to first wash, refer to the online tutorial to open the parts into warm water for cleaning. Wash pen skills complex, repeat later. Different inking systems use different inks. Different inking systems have different requirements on inks. For example, the most mont blanc pen common piston inking system in high-end pens should not use more sediment ink. The best way is to use a lubricating piston ink.

Good pen maintenance comes from everyday good pen habits, good habits can help you to extend the life of the pen, the answer before there are many desirable suggestions, but there are also somewhat biased, the following summary of personal experience: I am very Hard to use words to describe the importance of pen often, to maintain often the best daily pen habit can help pen ink circulation, to avoid precipitation clogging pens, pen circulation and can lubricate pen ink system. Daily pen is not blocked plug pliers trick. Long ago pen home cleaning pen. When you do not have to use a pen for a long time, remember to carefully clean the remaining ink. Otherwise, the existing ink will easily evaporate and dry up. If the residual sediment is in the pen, it will be hard to clean after a long time. When you use this pen again Will be very distressed. Wash pens every six months. If it is often used, half a year to wash a pen enough. The answer above is recommended once a month, too often, unnecessary, as well as the risk of damage to the pen, pen wash once every six months to ensure that the pen runs well. Do not use the pen on the hand too oil. Some pen pens are made of metal material, which will erode the oil over time. If too much oil is in direct contact with these metal parts, the pens may easily leak ink. Some Montblanc pen leaks ink. Avoid direct writing on the hard surface. Because pen nibs are easy to wear, be sure to pad soft objects (such as writing pads, books, stacks of paper, etc.) under the sheet of paper before writing to avoid direct contact between pen nibs and hard surfaces, resulting in unnecessary wear.