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How to clean the pen

General cleaning can be repeated until the drainage of water drainage clean, dry it. If you take a long time to clean or intend to wash the pen sealed, you need to separate the parts were cleaned separately. After the initial disassembly is divided into five parts: nib, converter (on the ink / ink bag), holding pen, cap, pen. The latter two generally do not have to be cleaned. The metal part of the tip and the pen (ink structure) should be further disassembled, the tip of the metal sheet rinsed with water, and the entire ink structure can be used to carefully brush the old toothbrush, and then soaked in warm water for a night. Dry all parts after cleaning, so that they are completely dry and ready for storage. Of course, different pens have different structures. Not all pens can be disassembled. For the pens that are difficult to be separated, only the first method can be mont blanc pens discount used for cleaning. Do not forcefully remove the damaged pens.

Need to talk about here, there is a known as a calligraphy pen elbow pen, pen and pencil with the thickness of the larger changes in the characteristics. When used, the pen down a little strokes crude, mont blanc pens for sale you can write slightly larger words; pen up some, strokes thin, can write a smaller word. This pen is cheap mont blanc pens more expressive than ordinary pen, commonly used to write larger envelopes and other fonts. However, writing with this pen has a certain degree of difficulty, beginners should not use it to practice.

Finally, there should be a special note: Never use boiling water or hot water cheap mont blanc pens to clean the pen, otherwise it will cause damage to the pen.