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Green erase pen market potential

In modern society, everyone should use pen. With stationery blowing environmental protection, low-carbon wind, environmentally friendly erase pen quietly approached our lives, and by virtue of its cheap mont blanc pens advantages are gradually selling. Eco-friendly pen is good to write a good rub, very green; write the word can be wiped within 2-3 days is very convenient. Environmental erasable pen, with its environmental protection, convenience, will certainly get a bigger market breakthrough! Eco-friendly pen good to write a good eraser, green. Using special ink, refined by a special process, can produce erasable ball-point pen, erasable gel pen, erasable mont blanc pen water pen, erasable pen and so on. Its writing in a certain period of time can be erased with a regular eraser or special pen, can be repeatedly modified, with a double ballpoint pen and pen merit. Its erasable properties reach the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad. Appearance, writing and cost are similar to ordinary ballpoint pens and gel pens. mont blanc It can produce pens of different grades and colors, which are widely used in writing, drawing and drawing.

Environmentally friendly erasable pen is divided into erasable ballpoint pen, erasable gel pen, erasable water pen, erasable pen, etc., has the following characteristics: 1, unique technology, unique erasable, scrub function. Erasable brush special ink technology unique, erase the effect is very good. 2-3 days can be erased with a special eraser and special eraser, 3 days later, the ink curing, lightfastness, moisture resistance, do not fade, long-term preservation. 2, low cost, complete color varieties. Its appearance, writing, cost and other ballpoint pens, gel pen similar to the market demand can be produced blue, black, red and other colors of refills or high, medium and low different grades of pen. 3, a multi-purpose, green, widely used.