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Ballpoint pen structure principle Ballpoint pen use common sense

Ballpoint pen, also known as bic. Is a writing instrument of the popular world in recent decades. It has a simple structure, easy to carry, write lubrication, and is suitable for copying and so on, therefore, from school students to office staff and other people are willing to use. A ballpoint pen is a type of pen that uses tiny rotating beads made of brass, steel or tungsten carbide to release ink onto paper when writing. Ballpoint pen and its predecessors - reed pen, feather pen, metal nib pen and fountain pen vary greatly. First, the ballpoint pen principle and structure

Ballpoint pen writing principle, the main use of ball in writing when in direct contact with the paper surface friction, so that ball rolling in the ball seat, bring out the ink or ink refill, in order to achieve the purpose of writing.

Ballpoint pen is a kind of pen that is written with ink with different pigments. Nib is a small ball, the small steel ball embedded in a small cylindrical copper bowl, after the connection with the plastic tube filled with ink, ink with the rotation of the ball flows around by the four.

Ballpoint ink pigment is a dye. Ink colors are mainly blue, red and black three, of which the most used blue ink. In the past, the pigment components in the blue ink were salt-based blue and salt-based Ching Lin, and the solvent was castor oil and ricinoleic acid. Salt based dyes are not resistant to light (lightfastness is only 1 -2 level), heat-resistant, acid-base, so poor durability, has now been eliminated. Currently on the market for sale, "424" blue ballpoint pen and "322" black ballpoint pen, use it to write handwriting better durability.

Scented ballpoint pen Poisonous reports are common, inferior scented stationery contains volatile organic compounds are toxic, have some damage to the human body; but we have not heard of normal use without the addition of volatile organic compounds oily ballpoint pen poisoning event

Second, the ballpoint pen classification

Ball pen variety, different styles, in terms of quality there are high, medium and low grades, but from the class that basically can be divided into two kinds of oil-based ballpoint pens and water-based ballpoint pens.

1, oily ballpoint pen commonly known as ballpoint pen. Pen head ball used in more than stainless steel or carbide material. The size of the ball diameter, determines the thickness of the writing lines. Common ball diameter 1 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.5 mm three (the product of the pen body or ball-point pen will often be marked on the core). Ballpoint ink is a special, mainly in the pigment, solvent and tweezers mixed together. Common colors are blue, black, red three colors. Ordinary ink and more for general writing, special ink and more for file writing. File for writing ink used in the refill generally marked with a mark, such as the domestic refill on the note DA words.

Oil-based ballpoint pen ballpoint pen products is the first generation of product varieties, from the batch on the market, it has been 60 years. After long-term improvement and perfection, oil ballpoint pen production process is mature, stable performance, long shelf life, writing performance and stability, has become a ballpoint pens products in the traditional varieties, oil-based ballpoint pen used in the ink viscosity is high, so the writing feel relatively heavier .

2, water-based ball-point pen, also known as ball-point pen or ball-point pen. Pen pens pen pens plastic injection molding called plastic pens; pens made of stainless steel stamping mill made of semi-steel ball pens; pen, pens all made of stainless steel steel ball-point pen. The whole plastic type is basically a one-time use, that is, the ink runs out of scrap; semi-steel and all-steel type can be replaced with a refill structure. Ballpoint pen tip is divided into two kinds of artillery and needle tube, respectively, using copper alloy, stainless steel or plastic. Balls are mostly made of stainless steel, cemented carbide or alumina and other materials, the ball diameter of 0.7 mm in the book, fine letter ball diameter of 0.5 mm. Water storage in the form of sub-fiber bundle storage and non-fiber bundle water storage two. Ink colors are red, blue, black, green and so on. Baozhu both pen and oily ballpoint pen features writing lubrication smooth, uniform lines, is an ideal writing tool.

In addition to the above categories, there are common to ink color, pen structure to sub-categories:

1, to the color of ink points: monochrome ball-point pen: This is the most common ball-point pen, often blue, black, red and so on. two-color ballpoint pen: generally red and blue color. three-color ballpoint pen: red, blue and black. four-color ballpoint pen: red, blue, black and green. In addition to these four, there are six-color, eight-color, and even twelve-color ball-point pen.

2, the structure to points: disposable ball-point pen, pen is the refill, neither add ink, can not refill, ink run out, you can only discarded. pen ball pen can be changed, a button, spring, lock, recovery and other functions. pen can be rotated so that the pen extends or retracted. mont blanc fountain pen a combination of ballpoint pens and pens, a combination of ballpoint pens and pencils, ballpoint pens and test pencil combination, a combination of ball pens and tiny bulb ballpoint pen and mont blanc pens for sale so on.

Third, ball pen use common sense

ball shut process: ballpoint pen and ball seat composition. Explain, specify here is the ball, here is the tee, the ink channel has five ditch. Put the ball into the tee, the ball seat shut up, enclose the ball, so that the ball will not fall out to complete the written processing.

锟斤拷 ball pen writing principle: ball in the ball seat can rotate freely. Ballpoint pen ink through the ball seat in the five grooves to the ball, the pen in the writing, the friction drive ball rotation, which will continue to flow ball ink on the writing.

Ball point pen oil causes ballpoint pen in writing, part of the ink transfer from the ball to the writing, look at the ball is transferred to white, and the other part of the ink will be with the ball back into the ball seat rotation. Good nib, with the rotation of the ball ink will be brought back to the ball more thoroughly, ink dip in the ball seat outside the head less, more clean. The poorer nib, the ink will mostly stick to the ball seat outside the head, can not bring back the ball seat, which we call the oil phenomenon, writing, it is easy to pollute the writing. Ballpoint pen to be fluent, more ink, but the negative effect is more than drop ink, to drop ink less, the disadvantage is not fluent. These two kinds of situations are a pair of contradictions, how to consider synthetically, make it reach the best effect, it is the subject that the ball-point pen manufacturing industry has been studying all the time. The reason why the "Platinum" brand ballpoint pen is both smooth in writing, does not pollute the writing materials, and has a long service life and is highly praised by users, can not be underestimated in this respect.

ballpoint pen nib landing caused by the bruising ballpoint pen landed, such as the nib 90 degrees touch, then the ballpoint pen tip will not be damaged, but if the closing Department bumps, so this gap will have a "oil" phenomenon, serious , The ball will fall off, writing difficulties and so on.

ballpoint pen the correct writing angle (55 ~ 70 ) ballpoint pen writing, the angle control in the 55 to 70 is the most ideal, then only the ball and paper contact (the ball is very hard ... ... tungsten carbide or Ceramic, it is not easy to wear), close at writing without contact, so as to ensure that the ballpoint pen in a good writing state to extend the service life.

Writing angle is too small easy to wear the seat of the ball seat (ball seat material for the nickel-platinum copper or stainless steel, ball more easily worn), such as prolonged exposure to be written, even if the paper is written, mont blanc pen tee Can not afford to wear, so will cause the ball off.

writing, the pad is too thick, the pen tip close to the paper contact, easy to wear off the beads, it is recommended: 0.4 ball can not be rewritten; 0.5 ball rewrite a maximum of not more; 0.7 ball up to 3 Zhang to 4, should not be more, when rewriting the best 75 writing.

Fourth, how to clean ballpoint pen

Clothes accidentally draw ballpoint pen handwriting, cleaning with a variety of detergents have no effect, but there is a secret weapon to deal with it - perfume, perfume applied to ballpoint pen handwriting, a moment later, the ball-point handwriting will disappear without a shadow No trace.

Toothpaste can remove the stains on the surface of the refrigerator, it also has the special ability to remove the ballpoint pen marks on the clothes, so long as the clothes are soaked in cold water for a while, then the toothpaste is evenly spread on the stained spots and then Then rub some soap, and mont blanc ballpoint pens then gently rub the local clothing, stains will gradually eliminate.

Boiled milk can be used to remove stains as long as a clean towel is placed under the clothes contaminated with ballpoint pen and then dipped in a little boiled milk with a clean cotton. Wipe until stains completely disappear.

White vinegar is also a good helper to remove ballpoint writing. May wish to first coat the laundry detergent stains on the place, with a soft brush dipped in a little vinegar solution diluted with water, stains on the clothes with light brush repeatedly, and finally gently rub the clothes You can remove these smudges.