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Accessories selected on the clothes expensive hundred times
This season, fashionable fine who will not only be satisfied with the wear of the good-looking, even the minutiae also delicate impeccable place. Occasionally wear a little bit, carefully selected a nice look at the style of accessories, will instantly light their own!

Exaggerated earrings

Metal spherical earrings hot, sweeping 2017 autumn and winter show field

Long earrings, more suitable for round face girl ~ spherical earrings are also divided into many kinds, more simple is the design of 1-2 balls

Another type of metal ball string up the style is eye-catching, spherical size of the sub-style is also very different

If you feel that some exaggerated bad wear out the street, it is only cool to wear on the side of the ~ tide people love so wear

Speaking of long earrings, you have to mention the tassel. The recent long tone of the bohemian tone is very fierce. Long tassel earrings is very suitable for short or round face chin girls, drape the line can be in the face of the rounded, creating a sense of slender.

Although the trend has been constantly montblanc pens changing, but the circular earrings have been occupied by their own position. This year's round earrings design is also more, it's more and more rich patterns, it seems that the pursuit of more sense of presence. Another kind of long earrings earrings earrings, more design sense ~ circle lines hook mont blanc starwalker each other, simple curve straight line and the original can also be so beautiful, decorated in the ring flowers, with suit jacket + tight sweater , 50 years of retro shifts ready to come out.


mont blanc sale Thin long wrap choker with ultra-easy, can be Lily can Royal sister, not easy to hit money. Pendant with scarf DIY more innovative

Hair ornaments

Since the grown up, a variety of crystal shiny hair ornaments was we thrown montblanc pens into the corner. But this year, with a strong style of shiny hair ornaments back again, they are like Slogan Tee, on the one hand to everyone to promote their own personality, on the one hand you love again.

Once the world of the second element is open, no one can shut off the door. While writing girls, while writing boys hair clips, cool feeling full. If you feel too "non-mainstream", then try the following Miss Chung's usage. Recently also particularly favorite hair ornaments, not only bun, decorated in the head side of the better look you may silently read, those big hairpin to see the face ah! Then we can try a simple small hairpin, in the ears do not have two, or even N, are very nice.