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2018 spring and summer single product update: bridal accessories
Flowers crown

Wide crown and wide headband on the eye-catching flowers to update this common shape, additional height given to the flower crown avant-garde charm. Light pink, corn mont blanc pens for sale yellow, mint green and other gray wax for the product into the romantic atmosphere, simple straw embellishment to create authentic spring shape. Additional veil makes a single product more romantic, but more alternative. More eye-catching pink and plant green suitable for tropical summer styling; simple white sculpture wind 3D lace or silk flowers enduring all year round safe.

Flower vine hair ornaments

Flower vine hair ornaments are more gentle than the large yellow flowers in the choice of the bride in the shape to continue to maintain high popularity, a single as a local embellishment or with a traditional hairpin can be, to create a full personality Variety modeling. Simple flowers lace or long stems flower style romantic, to meet the trend of the village garden in the season. Beaded, pearl, crystal, semi-precious stones modified silk flowers, can be programmed into the hair or scattered around the hair. Small combs and small clips to create Variety modeling to meet the needs of all types of consumers, there are different ways to wear, can be reorganized and used for new layout. Sculpture of metal or enamel effect of 3D flowers using a simple rose with branches of the shape, supplemented by pearls and precious stones embellishment. Different sizes of jewelry make the trend more elegant but keep retro, suitable for all kinds of markets.

montblanc pens Personality earrings

Personalized accessories trend continues to evolve, the designer brand to increase investment earrings. This is a perfect update for the bride's style. And shoulder long earrings is essential, mix and montblanc pens match style is very attractive to the modern bride. Mixed gemstone color for the earrings to add personality, with a near heirloom texture, this design will become more popular, because the crystal chandelier earrings are still popular. Sparkling gems with colorful necklace or bracelet, showing the screen star-like elegance, in line with the trend of retro charm this season. Decorative 3D flowers are the perfect choice for individual earrings, large synthetic metal or sculpture metal to create exaggerated modeling, great selling potential. The length of the tassel filled with hand Bohemian style, but this season must be decorated with dark evil forces to give its modern sense.

Gorgeous neck decoration

The current market for the obsession of neck ornaments in the past few years are quite popular, this essential fashion items will continue to be popular. Corsage neck ornaments return, become a must for a single product, especially for the bride market. Chuan Jiabao shape from the fashion market, the focus is retro pearls and precious stones inlay, and simple velvet and ribbon phase and. Full pieces of decoration and the new large-scale ratio to create a more luxurious shape, for this season to bring ladies charm retro style. Elegant and elegant appearance of the more attractive, modern pearl layout to the traditional shape of a little more elegant and casual.



The traditional veil return, become a cultural modeling and classical modeling in the eye-catching decoration. White round mesh silk and lace texture of the veil with a long lasting feminine, of which the most beautiful lace trim. This wild veil can be adjusted at will. The shape of the skyline is more classic; Chantilly lace's cap-style veil is suitable for younger consumers, is Bohemian and secret garden-style wedding the perfect choice. Draped over the head or shoulders, this is suitable for modern bride practical single product is particularly grand. Shawl is the latest product in the bride to take a single product, the modern bride is still on the wild single product needs. Showing a long lasting feminine, this single product is very consistent with the season's retro charm and eternal romantic shape. Fine silk tulle made of the most popular towel shawl, exudes a sense of ethereal and elegant, hooded style is more modern than the veil. Short paragraph shawl more three-dimensional texture, more heavy satin for the season, wearing a variety of law. Embroidered flowers, 3D flowers, more refined ivory beads and other decorative beads are, exaggerated feathers to create personalized single product.