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  • Pen writing method

    The correct way to montblanc meisterstuck write is the key to writing the word. The pen's writing method is "three fingers to write method." Specific requirements are: the right thumb and finger belly, index finger down the belly and middle finger on the first section of the upper pinch the pen, the index finger slightly down, thumb slightly up, thumb tip from the pen tip 2.5 to 3 cm. The ring finger and the little finger naturally bend and resist the middle finger. The five fingers must rely on the close and coordinated force. The front of the little finger does not touch the palm, the little finger first and second joints and the underside of the palm touch the paper. The upper part of the shaft should be leaning against the root of the forefinger and the palm of your hand, not on the tiger's mouth. Pen and paper about 45. Inclination angle, the pen should not be vertical or left-leaning pen not too tight, or writing can not freely; nor too loose, or can not force the end.

    The mont blanc pens for sale most common incorrect writing methods are:

    l, the index finger bent to the palm of your hand, thumb thumb press the first joint. Such writing, writing pen is difficult to move freely, can not write the severity of strokes, showing the strokes of healthy and charm.

    2. Middle finger, ring finger, little finger mont blanc close together with the palm close together, the palm is not empty, the finger is difficult to flexibly ease of writing.

    3 ring finger pointing to the palm of the bend, the front of the little finger touch the paper on the right, mont blanc starwalker as all the support points, so write very unstable, easy to swing around, words hard to write correct.

    4 Pen Angle improper, the pen to write vertically. Such a pen tip loses its elasticity, can not write a light-hearted stroke, and easily scratches the paper.

    5. Write the nib against the back. This is often caused by the beginning of a pen that is too thick or watery, and later developed into a habit. Some write with the tip of the tip, only a petal tip off the paper. Anti-back writing, side writing, poor flexibility, not only can not write light strokes, and it is easy to scratch the paper, affecting the mood of writing.

    Therefore, we must follow the correct writing method, otherwise it is difficult to see the effect.

    2017-12-15 18:22:31
  • Pen maintenance for smoother writing

    New pen to the hand: cheap mont blanc pens After the general fountain pen to the water can be used normally, do not need to be as someone else said to take the blisters of the new pen. Of course, sometimes it will inevitably encounter the pen does not water or nib dry situation, this time a little treatment is necessary. Generally need to be cleaned is to buy back after the poor ink pen, because some of the pen at the factory inspection pen or pen at the counter after the test ink is not clean, a long time the composition of the ink condensation, clogged pen tip Ink tank, it will lead to poor water. This situation needs to be removed nib, into warm water (avoid boiled water) soaked for half an hour, and then dry, installed after the normal can be used normally. If you still can not, you can extend the soaking time. If not, you need to remove the nib piece of metal and clean the ink reservoir and the entire capillary structure on the back of the stylus with small brushes (the small seams above the plastic part of the nib). There is a possibility that the water is not flowing may be the tip itself. One is the tip of the tip pen stitches too narrow, this time according to the usual pen writing position when the pen tip slightly harder, mont blanc starwalker hold for one to two seconds, or thin blades can be expanded, but be careful. The second reason is too narrow ink guide slot, this time you need to use thin blade expansion ink tank, the same be careful!

    Pen maintenance: When writing, you should lay some paper in the paper to enhance the flexibility of the nib to reduce friction. Nib Do not write on hard materials such as metal to prevent damage to the nib. Daily use to avoid mixing different inks, so as to avoid precipitation clogged pens. Pens should be cleaned once a month or so, to keep the ink flowing smoothly, such as the use of carbon ink should be more cleaning. If the pen is not used for a long time, it should be washed and saved. Pen cleaning: General cleaning can be repeated until the drainage of water drainage clean, dry it. If you take a long time to clean or intend to wash mont blanc starwalker the pen sealed, you need to separate the parts were cleaned separately. After the initial disassembly is divided into five parts: nib, converter (on the ink / ink bag), holding pen, cap, pen. The latter two generally do not have to be cleaned. The metal part of the tip and the pen (ink structure) should be further disassembled, the tip of the metal sheet rinsed with water, and the entire ink structure can be used to carefully brush the old toothbrush, and then soaked in warm water for a night. Dry all parts after cleaning, so that they are completely dry and ready for storage. Of course, different pens have different structures. Not all pens can be disassembled. For the pens that are difficult to be separated, only the first method can be used for cleaning. Do not forcefully remove the damaged pens. Need to talk about here, there is a known as the "calligraphy pen" elbow pen, montblanc meisterstuck pen and ink with the thickness of the larger changes in the characteristics. When used, the pen down a little strokes crude, you can write slightly larger words; pen up some, strokes thin, can write a smaller word. This pen is more expressive than ordinary pen, commonly used to write larger envelopes and other fonts. However, writing with this pen has a certain degree of difficulty, beginners should not use it to practice. Finally, there should be a special note: Do not use boiling water or hot water to clean the pen, otherwise it will cause injury to the pen!

    2017-12-13 18:18:18
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